40 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 Executive DEVELOPMENT a partner for the journey both up and down the organization, across society and into the future rather than simply being a program provider. Business schools will need to be flexible, deliver impactful learning, utilise technology and provide clear value if they are to build an attractive executive education offer. To be successful in the future, it can be argued that business schools just need to stop thinking and acting like business schools and embrace radically news ways of working. n Andrew Crisp is the co-founder and owner of CarringtonCrisp. CarringtonCrisp ran the Executive Education Futures study in 2018, the third time in the last decade that it has conducted the study. The two surveys that formed part of the study attracted 278 respondents among those with decision-making responsibility in organizations for the purchase and development of programs, and 668 respondents from individual program participants. Watch Andrew Crisp’s summary of the key findings of the Future of Executive Education research