Developing Leaders Issue 34: 2020 | 25 Viewpoint address challenges from colleagues to substantiate their ideas – a cumbersome exercise within which the intuitive ideas can get lost. As a leader observed, “our leader is often so far out in her thinking that we struggle to see the relevance of her ideas for today!” The need for balance Overdone intuitive leadership can leave organizations lost in possibilities and dreams not grounded in reality. Overdone ego leadership can lead to tunnel vision, short-termism and a lack of creative collaboration. Overdone eco leadership results in too many ‘talk shops’, too many ideas, or an over-emphasis on stakeholder inclusion resulting in inertia. The pendulum swings too far towards eco leadership at the expense of the decision-making speed and efficiency of ego leadership. We believe being an effective leader in a complex business environment involves finding the right balance and the agility to flex between ego, eco and intuitive intelligences. When these intelligences are misaligned Intuitive leaders: Awareness of the bigger picture