16 | Developing Leaders Issue 36: 2020 Leadership How to Build Your Resilience MO as a Leader R esilience matters. No-one needs a pandemic to hammer home the value of having high levels of personal resilience. Whether you are in a boardroom, hospital bed or sports game, high resilience edges up the odds that you will find a way to pull through. For leaders, personal resilience is not only a requirement, but also a duty. When we experience low resilience, it affects both confidence and capability. This insidious double whammy can leave us feeling uncertain, hypersensitive, unable to think clearly and struggling to take balanced decisions. Leaders must put their own oxygen masks on first before they can lead a business through a crisis. So how do you do this? Well start by ignoring 90% of advice that is out there. All the articles on meditation, yoga, diet, breathing exercises or mindfulness come with the inbuilt assumption that one size fits all. When it comes to something as nuanced and multi-faceted as resilience, we know that is just not true. You only have to observe what stresses your colleagues and how they react, to know that resilience varies widely from person to person. Therefore, the idea of a resilience- building blueprint is a lazy myth that is long past its sell by date. By Kate Lye