Developing Leaders Issue 36: 2020 | 39 Leadership Although it sounds counterintuitive, the best times to innovate can be during the hardest times. It is tempting to focus only on cutting losses during a recession, but those who get ahead do so because they balance today’s needs with simultaneously planting the seeds for tomorrow’s success. Tomorrow’s success comes from innovation. And while Steve Jobs may have coined the phrase ‘think different’ with his iconic Apple commercials of the 1980s, few companies have found systematic processes to truly disrupt themselves and think differently as an operating protocol. That is where Expansive Thinking can help. What is Expansive Thinking? Expansive Thinking is an active, collaborative, forward-moving exploration process in which a team seeks to re-imagine challenges and expand the realm of possible innovative solutions. In Expansive Thinking, each idea is connected to the last and assumed to be at least Bringing Human Experience and Domain Expertise to Data Analytics