48 | Developing Leaders Issue 37: 2021 Leadership 3a. Pressure pump CONCEPT PHILOSOPHY OBJECTIVE TEAM Leadership Providing motivation and inspiration for team members to stretch their performance to its peak. Provision of leaders that can ’walk their talk’ and ’motivate’ others – and create environments where team members can continually grow. Culture A set of values and expectations that provide a culture of empowerment to deliver performance, team-working and self-belief to succeed. An inspiring set of beliefs and values that are fully embraced by team members and encourage them to behave in an authentic way. INDIVIDUAL Ambitious Goals Individuals setting ambitious and stretching goals that work towards achieving peak team performance for the benefit of the organization. Objectives that embrace an appropriate and fitting journey to deliver outcomes that lead to long-term, sustainable outcomes that demonstrate appropriate progress and growth. 3b. Pressure release valve CONCEPT PHILOSOPHY OBJECTIVE TEAM Communication Encouraging constant communication between team members and leadership, providing an outlet for frustrations and scope for discussing and evaluating options. Two-way interactive communication on a timely basis. Counselling/ support Provide assurance and support during challenging and pressure situations. Developing the necessary practical skills to enable team members to perform at their peak in pressure situations. INDIVIDUAL GREAT concept Gratitude Reframing Energy Advancement and adaptability Teamwords Development of a mindset that encourages positivity, self-belief and drive to be successful. Emotional detachment A state of the mind that allows an individual to avoid emotional stresses that may be caused by various pressure situations. Retain focus on the desires and goals of an individual/team whilst facing external pressures that may affect performance negatively. Mindfulness A state of the mind that achieves focus on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting the factors, both internal and external that are likely to cause distraction and impair performance. Ensure personal thoughts and energies are focused on the task in hand, maintaining balance and optimizing performance. How to Succeed Under Pressure