50 | Developing Leaders Issue 37: 2021 Leadership The spatial web means real and virtual worlds blending. On the one hand, it is digital representation overlaid onto our real-world view, and on the other, virtual environments that are three-dimensional and ‘enterable’. It means a reality that is digitally augmented and a 3D virtuality of objects and spaces, not flat images on a screen. To put this another way, when we surreptitiously divide our attention between our dinner date and our mobile phone, the line between digital and physical worlds remains clear. You know when you’re in one or the other, and so does your date. But now this line is being rubbed out. Key to this is, it won’t be a phone or pad any other kind of screen that puts us into the spatial web. It will be eyeglasses. Not the big fat goggles of virtual reality, or any other fanciful headgear from the department of futuristic imagination. Just spectacles. Normal glasses, but with enhanced imaging and connectivity capabilities which are now or soon becoming possible. Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash Executive Development in the Spatial Web